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Make it your Experience

At LIMU, we’re dedicated to providing you with an enhanced lifestyle through innovative, quality products. These products are your opportunity to enrich and transform your life both physically and financially.
Rich in the supernutrient Fucoidan, the LIMU product family provides a delicious and nutritious way to better your overall health, increase your daily energy, and maintain your fitness level and a healthy weight.

Limu Original®

The premium seaweed blend.

Powered by Fucoidan, the robust supernutrient extracted from limu moui, LIMU ORIGINAL® is a nutritious blend of vitamins, minerals and juice extracts from mangos, papayas, apples and pears.

Blu Frog®

Healthy energy without the crash.

Better enjoy your day with this lightly-carbonated, Fucoidan-infused blend of fruits, minerals, herbs and B vitamins that work together to provide the energy needed to power through your day.

Blu Frog 2®

Supercharged liquid energy

Packed with more caffeine and more energy than ever before to help you jumpstart your life, BLU FROG 2 has the same Fucoidan-infused LIMU blend with less sugar and fewer calories than original BLU FROG®. It’s the solution that will crank up your day faster than ever!

Limu Lean®

The ultimate in fitness & weight management.

Designed for safe and effective weight management, the LIMU LEAN® product family includes nutritious chocolate & vanilla meal replacement shakes containing the highest grade protein available, an appetite controller, 7-day dietary cleanse and the hottest product to help curb your cravings, BURN.

Can you BE MORE?

The simple answer is yes. The LIMU Experience is a personal journey toward a new lifestyle, with rewards and prizes, inspirations and goals all along the way. It’s a journey that will help you look, feel and live better than you ever have before. It is all about YOU.

The LIMU Experience lets you grow and extend your limitless potential. By living a healthier and more energetic life with LIMU products, you can achieve true financial independence and reach goals you never thought possible.

You were made for significance. Now step into it. Be More.